Three Miles In

from by Petriform



i passed the docks
i passed the drome
i think it's time to head back home
i had my fun
but now i'm done
a mid-day's fine vacation

i turned around
i'm homeward bound
but in my heart i'm still right here
subconscious stay
a dream away
a paradise location

oh yeah

another curve on horizon
calls to me
speaks to me

i'm 3 miles in
and not winded yet
i sit upon my throne of movement
owed to the chain
but to my disdain
the soaring light is lesser

the sun's going down
and I'm out of town
i think i've made a poor decision
i can't be scared
i'll just be aware
capitulate the pressure

oh yeah

another curve on horizon
calls to me
speaks to me
inclined to hear, because you have been so
good to me
but now i've bit off more than i can chew
look at you
it's getting dark
what have you done


from Brown Plaid, released December 28, 2013





From San Jose, CA, Petriform drinks too many energy drinks and distills the resulting power into alternatingly high-and-low- energy electronic jams, lighting up shows around California and beyond by mixing and matching shades of NES chiptunes, pop punk, drum & bass, synthpop, and happy hardcore. ... more


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