Don't Worry, You're Great!

by Petriform

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(free) 04:20


released August 18, 2016

All tracks composed, arranged, and produced by Petriform. Vocals, guitar, and cover illustration by Petriform.

Additional vocals on track 9 by Megan and on track 10 by Megan and Curious Quail.

Special, sincere thanks to everybody who has supported me thus far on my journey. I rely on your friendship and love to guide me, so thank you. my hope is that this music finds you well and leaves at least some
semblance of a positive and beneficial imprint, no matter how small. Thanks


all rights reserved




From San Jose, CA, Petriform drinks too many energy drinks and distills the resulting power into alternatingly high-and-low- energy electronic jams, lighting up shows around California and beyond by mixing and matching shades of NES chiptunes, pop punk, drum & bass, synthpop, and happy hardcore. ... more


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Track Name: Don't Worry
when you're down for the count, it seems
don't worry, you're great
don't give up, 'cause i know how long
you've been lying in wait

yeah it's tough to reconcile sometimes
but it isn't too late
when it comes to your darkest hours,
don't worry, you're great
Track Name: Unit for Rent
when we were young you let me in
to be your friend by way of being near

here at the sidewalk's bitter end
where air balloons would drift into the clear

but time as well moved through the wind
and i am left to dream of yesteryear
although this time i didn't mean to

can't say that you're doing the same
but if you are i'm calling you from here
friend where are you now

and if i stay here i just might wait here
i feel okay here and that's not all
but if i stay here i can't just wait here

out in the front we'd spin around
and only stop when we were tantalized

by other things, being out of bounds
we'd always find a way to rhapsodize

these days i'm looking for a place
and in the midst, i saw to my surprise
a blankened slate i knew, and recoiled

that's when i knew that you were more
a part of me than i had realized
too late anyhow

every slide is
a twist of the knife and
a battle with memories to never be won

we said our goodbyes but
in youthful reprise i guess
i couldn't consider the long run

i might just wait here
Track Name: A+ Flutter
find this always happening
over every little thing

sometimes your heart intervenes
i think you know what that means

i said it once and i'll say it again
for every three times that i said it in my head
'cause just as quickly as one to another
these are the things that make their way on in just to set your heart aflutter

tripped into some more allure
pinch myself just to be sure

sparks can fly behind the scenes
i think you know what it could be

funny how we treat with glee
tiny things that we can't see
true hearts will always be free
so long as they've got will to be

it must have been a thousand times now in my head
they come so quickly from one to another
Track Name: Medicine
we all try every day
take your medicine

in the face of dismay
take your medicine

i know it's hard to find the things that make you feel better
when all the weight is on your soul

if your tears take the reigns
take your medicine

met with so much disdain
taste your medicine

i know it's hard to find the things that make you feel better
for when you feel all alone
Track Name: We are Not Calling Our Song the Mauve Avenger
let's get up out of here and find some rules to contravene and
not act like we're above the roller blades and trampolines and
wrap up our bandages and yell and scream exactly what we mean

let's all mess up our griptape trying to darkslide down the stairwell
and watch you try to kickflip off the park bench over there, well
i never noticed that they put those grind stoppers in, what the hell

get real

let's hit convenience stores and sell them out of slushie mix and
let's walk right out the door like that one jane's addiction bit, yeah
too bad there's not enough caffeine here on this earth to get our fix

come through if you have got your hands on that classic pre-ban stuff
my favorite's watermelon, hurricanes aren't blue enough
they haven't quite struck gold yet where you're at aw dang that's pretty rough
Track Name: Bwark?
knew from the start we'd get along
you are my friend
but it feels like they've done you wrong
i think there's something going on

they said some mean things about you
you are my friend
but i still love you through and through
and i know the great things you can do
you are my friend until the end

and every day, in every way
you inspire me to do better
and the way i feel today
is how i will feel forever for you

together we will change their minds
you are my friend
and they will start to realize
that you've got your eyes right on the prize

when they first saw you
they couldn't believe you
with how they perceived you
i felt so bad

they misconceived you
and wouldn't reprieve you
but i'll never leave you
the friend i have

and every day, in every way
you put up with what you're receiving
now hear what i say not just for today
i'll never ever stop believing in you
Track Name: I'm Gonna Fly (Pt. 1)
i'm gonna fly
leave my present mind behind
it's gonna take a while but i can be all right

i'm gonna fly
hold my wings to the sky
might be afraid to fall but it never hurts to try
Track Name: You're Great!
when you're down for the count, it seems
don't worry, you're great
don't give up, 'cause i know how long
you've been lying in wait

yeah it's tough to reconcile sometimes
but it isn't too late
when it comes to your darkest hours,
don't worry, you're great