Dither Beach

by Petriform

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mizzabellenova thumbnail
mizzabellenova I’ve been a fan of yours for a good few years now, and this is just more of what I like. As always, your lyrics make me so emotional and I can’t place my finger on why. Favorite track: Pacifica.
unascribed thumbnail
unascribed A wonderfully catchy and fun little album with very well-done vocoded singing. Favorite track: Really Really.
Awesome little album! Definitely gonna be blasting this one for a long time Favorite track: Really Really.
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Make new memories.


released March 20, 2020

Composed, arranged, produced, and all that by Petriform


all rights reserved




From San Jose, CA, Petriform drinks too many energy drinks and distills the resulting power into alternatingly high-and-low- energy electronic jams, lighting up shows around California and beyond by mixing and matching shades of NES chiptunes, pop punk, drum & bass, synthpop, and happy hardcore. ... more


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Track Name: Dither Beach
Can we go to the beach?
I'd really like to stare at the sunset
Is it within our reach?
Forgive me, I've been made to feel like it isn't yet

Tell me where have you been
So many places I can't imagine
Hear it now and again
What is it like to not have to ration things like that

Dithered memories gone by hint to me that there's more
But what can I do to open up that daunting door?

Can we go to the beach?
I'd like to visit if it'd be all right
Practice more than I preach
I promise this time that I will always stay in sight

On the wings of a wren
I navigate, hey, now am I dreaming?
It's a bit after ten
A hundred pulses chilling and bleeding through the flight

Dithered memories gone by scream at me claw for more
Untethered, I set forth now to settle this grave score

Dithered memories gone by let's leave them in the past
Wonder what we can achieve for as long as this lasts
Track Name: Really Really
Think we met first there at the third floor vending machine
I never could quite punch in the numbers I'd mean
There's a certain grip you've got on your energy drink
And for some reason that's just the kind of thing that makes me think like

What is going on?
Do I even wanna know
Staying up 'til dawn
Wondering how it's gonna go
Now my mind is gone
It's a dog and pony show
Henceforth whereupon
I gotta let this out

Something in your flair
Hits me everywhere
What could best compare?
For all the things that could have been, I'll take this chance again
I really like you

Make adjustments as you see fit to your best red tie
Your mischievous nonchalant demeanor doesn't pass me by and
Hey now what is a leather jacket between two friends
I hope to find my way through this hedge maze before it ends like

What is going on?
I don't even wanna know
Staying up 'til dawn
Tell me how it's gonna go
Now my mind has gone
To the dog and pony show
Henceforth whereupon
I gotta let this out

Hits me everywhere that you go
Caught me unaware when you showed up for things that could have been
Track Name: To All the Seagulls I Went to High School With
Every morning about 7 AM
Gotta be ready for some mayhem
Keep an eye right to the sky
And when it's clear, well, start your day, then

But you know very well it isn't over
'Cause the threat from above keeps us sober
Hope you never had to fix your hair
Or get it off your shoulder

Can't keep track of who you are
You are so many
But seating fixture battle scars
You're leaving plenty

'Cause you made the most
Of all that we could think to give you
You're in our thoughts
Kept your best life on the go
Oh, don't I know
And I hope
That y'all went out swinging, yeah

Be it Thursday or Wednesday or Tuesday
Everybody knows that you're here to stay
Some would call it inconvenient
I'm more generous, I do say

Might pretend like I know where you come from
A dimension of mid-flight maelstroms
When the portal opens keep your wits about you
Lest you catch some

Did your wings carry you far?
You must be tired
You did a number on teacher's car
That's how you're wired

All of us are waiting
But you're still rotating
We make moves for shelter
Long for summer swelter
Overcast and cloudy
Please don't you get rowdy
Stay free from what may fall
Symbiotic fastballs
Track Name: Pelican Friend
Pelican friend, it's good to see you
I thought this day might never be

Pelican friend, you carry me
Right over the dangers of the sea

Pelican friend, where did you come from
I never really did find out

Pelican friend, please give me some of
All that you've learned along your route

Way up high
You help me stay alive

Pelican friend, you've lost your way
Say, can I be of assistance now

Pelican friend, I hope you'll stay
Forever the one who made me proud

Pelican friend, we'll not be apart
If I have any say in it

Pelican friend, give me a headstart
I could use all that I can get
Track Name: Jefferson Saga
So I rolled right into to town
Need a place to settle down
Looking forward to the sound
Of a deadbolt set behind me
And a nice bed to unwind me

So I check in at the motel, and you know it's the cheapest one I could find 'cause I don't have a lot of money to throw around on stuff like this, I'm on a budget!
So I open the door to the room and the first thing I see is that an entire drawer is just straight up missing from the dresser, and that's whatever, but I don't wanna be held liable for it,
So I get back to the front desk and that's when I get the idea that someone's gonna feel the need to let me know that

Jefferson's full

So by now I'm settled in
Now the fun, it can begin
If I dwell on what has been
I might never get to see this
Can you even just believe this?

So I've got time to kill now and I think,
I still got some daylight left, why not take in the sights of the nice-looking local park?
So I did, and I was, how they say, simply just vibing, when almost immediately I get accosted to the tune of
Go away! You're a tourist!
And I'm like, I'm about to, isn't that the point?
But they wanted me to know in no uncertain terms that

You know, it's kind of funny
I guess it is what it is, but I've been over the county line for about 15 minutes and I'm already getting yelled at!
I mean, it's like, I'm here today; tomorrow I am gone,
So I think it would be okay if you could just chill for one minute,
'Cause that's just about all the time I have left here before I get the hell outta Dodge
Track Name: Just a Name
I never thought that I could fall in love
With just a name
But this one doesn't feel the same

You might call it a sign from above
But there's no way
I see stuff like this every day

And I'm trying
And I'm failing
To tell my inner monologue there's nothing here

It's not like that we'll ever meet
I know that much for sure
So how'd this get the best of me?

I guess that I kind of fell in love
With just a name
That passed as quickly as it came

You think that it's silly, join the club
But here's the thing
In later years, I've this to claim

Yes I tried
And I failed
To give my inner monologue some time to clear

I had seen before I was done
A thousand names or more
But I remember only one

I'm still trying
I'm still failing
To let romanticism never interfere
Track Name: Pacifica
I sit along eroded shores
Where longing zephyrs blow
The moment never lasts much more
I think I might let go
But I don't know

I wrap myself around this bend
I first took long ago
How much of myself can I spend
Chasing the afterglow
Yeah, I don't know

I stare a million miles out
From Davenport alone
I fear that I may leave in doubt
A future I'd forego
That I don't know