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Ultramarine. The most brilliant blue, born of lazurite, once by necessity reserved for only the most sacred details of painted images at the behest of artists who could dream of affording it in the first place, its vastly more accessible synthetic form shines brighter than its oft-chased natural counterpart ever did.

With one exception, these songs were written between 2014 and 2016, starting directly after the 28 December 2013 release of "Brown Plaid" and concurrently with the early stages of "Don't Worry, You're Great!" I both expected and intended to release this album well before "Don't Worry, You're Great!" was completed, but I could not find it in me to finish hardly any of the songs, and the project lost steam.

This was not without reason. I have not been shy about my experience with depression and anxiety over the last couple of years, and though things are quite a bit better now than they were then, the album as it exists as a product of that time approaches the more difficult facets of those issues in ways that DWYG certainly did not. The juxtaposition is harsh; in fact, I considered shelving this album entirely to avoid disappointing or alienating folks who found something to like in DWYG. I thought that releasing this work would, somehow, delegitimize or take away from that album's overarching message of optimism and positivity, as if it would be a bait and switch of sorts to admit that, despite everything, things were not always so great. Eventually, though, I decided that I would be remiss to discard or dismiss more product of the very real feelings and dispositions that painted that period in my life, and additionally the conscious effort I'd made to push myself outside of my comfort zone with regard to things like going off-vocoder more often, at odds with the established work as it may be. Now, at long last, it is finished.

I am in a better place in my life than I was at the time most of these songs were written, and thus revisiting and finishing them was not always pleasant. I'd be lying if I said I weren't looking forward to having the album behind me and moving on to the next thing (there are lots of them to come!). But presently, I know it has value, and I hope you find something within that is similarly of value to you.


released December 12, 2017


all rights reserved




From San Jose, CA, Petriform drinks too many energy drinks and distills the resulting power into alternatingly high-and-low- energy electronic jams, lighting up shows around California and beyond by mixing and matching shades of NES chiptunes, pop punk, drum & bass, synthpop, and happy hardcore. ... more


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Track Name: Cantata Monolithica
loving you in every single way
i've lost the world
mind and soul succumbing to decay
life force unfurled
i am so afraid
please help
i can't just wait
tell me that it's not too late
Track Name: Cinema
somebody said it
and i heard it
collect yourself now

of all the things that could go wrong
it'll never take me long
we'll piece together little songs
to pretend that we belong

and we run in the dark
like the cinema

live through imperfect alibis
when we're not trying to get by
i see the silver in your eyes
everything else long since died

still we run in the dark
and it can't be undone

and when our run is done they move on
Track Name: Nevada Plates
imagine if our memories
could just enfold us
it's been so very many years
i can't extol us
we knew each other before we'd met
or so they told us
but no one spoke of that again
as time consoled us

quick to pick up your sword and shield
your dreaming lifeline
perish the thought that we're just young
with too much free time
but when we hopped into that car
bound for the incline
the first time that my eyes caught snow
they were stuck in recline
and i wonder why

leave your home
there's nothing that's there for you now
time's gone by
and you only left your vow

a slot machine in a grocery store
distracts from infights
you didn't really want to be here
for many more nights
she asked me if i knew the lord
his love and his light
i think you wanted to love, too
would it feel right
and i wonder why you should

has heaven sent you now
Track Name: More or Less
she found herself beside the fountain at a moment's notice
she'd called herself there for a whim she'd might fulfill
another time would find her in the daily grind, she knows this
no longer waking from under the windowsill

and all the passersby just look so happy in their movement
she has to wonder what's so great with the routine
to feel like how any of them look would be an improvement
instead of paralyzed inside a moving scene

and right there by the fountain she is all but left to ponder
and pondering's a very lonely place to be, 'cause

she's more or less the same that she's always been
trying so very hard to reign it in
what can you even do when you just can't win
you might not try so hard anymore

they woke up from the slight noise bleeding into their hotel room
they'd got no place to go until the night was young
they hoped they'd get the phone call from their favorite personnel soon
tried not to think about it when it didn't come

and right there in the hotel bed they're all but left to ponder
and pondering's a very lonely place to be, 'cause

they're more or less the same that they've always been
desperately clawing right out from within

we're more or less the same that we've always been
Track Name: Dream Lender (Healing Waves)
a gentle walk is all it takes
through mid-december
to spur these thoughts, like "what a waste"
you're my dream lender

but what you give, you take away
to render hollow
my role is the worse
regret it all, so

send for your best healing waves
take them with you wherever you go
i hope you rest well for all your days
i understand if you don't want to come home

i traveled far to see the day
you promised long ago
and now i feel like yesterday
is too far back to row

and what you gave, you took away
and rendered hollow
you never thought so much to leave
an act to follow

send for your best
you deserve the best
but that's more than I can give
so move along
Track Name: Winnemucca Mtn Road
you're running away
from what you've sown
no repentance
and then you say
damn the other people

where can you go
no consequence
rest of your days

run my hand on the top of your chainlink fence
not courageous to break the skin
i don't respect your decisions
Track Name: Collector
i should have known i'd not been saved
just when i thought things were through
i cannot take this to my grave
i shudder when i think of you

'cause i know you kill
first chance that you get
you'll get yours in time
i just want what's mine

the visions of your nature set
collector of blue flowers
you take all of what you can get
before all things turn sour

your brutal leverage cuts again
the knife will fall where you choose
the petrifying mise-en-scène
a laceration, not a bruise

yes i know you kill
i will take what's mine
Track Name: Intent
i fall in the middle of it
yes in the midst of it
out of my depth with you

brick wall
strapped in tight and headed
to end up embedded
what is there left to lose

that's the point
that i'm trying to make
but with each mistake
wonder what it meant to you

bend the joint
'til it breaks in two
and the pain seeps through
to remind you what you shouldn't do
that's the point

thick blinds being drawn in the dark
to hide a grim remark
if only that were true

i know how to follow the drill
and in the end, i'm still
out of my depth with you

but i can't relate
being as far gone as you've resolved to

what am i to do
it won't matter in a little few
Track Name: No Method
oh, what a fool
under your rule

not quite by chance
some saw it fit to wield the lance
and depose you, now there's

thyme on the grave
it's left unscathed

spirit's unrest
one tyrant specter's cruel behest

how long will you be content
to weave such falsehoods into prayer
with a wyvern's stare

taken great pain
to still refrain

now this charade
dies with your soul where it pervades

yes i've made my mind to repent
and dethrone you where you stand
you've no method to grasp daggers in your hands
so go hide from whence you came
left to memory
Track Name: Nauticals
is it all over
were we wrong

will we be closer
with this song

if this really is it, i don't know what to say
good night

i always feared it might take this long
to debilitate the vessel we thought strong

i am so afraid
Track Name: Precious
shut the car door behind me another time
radio and i are going for another ride
what they gave me didn't help
believe me, i really tried

isn't it funny just how easy it is to land on either side
lucky ones, they get to row ashore; when the hell do i?
sweep away the pieces send them off to sea
'cause i can't quite measure up
life is precious
it shouldn't be wasted on me

i saw the sun rise from the deck of a moving train
saw it from the cliffside too, but it's not the same
the best part of freefall's the word free
yeah i can't quite measure up
'cause i know that
it shouldn't be wasted on me

don't waste it

taking exits through the fog
and brilliant lights
ever filtered down to nothing
far out of sight

there's no easy way to bear it
whatever the case may be
but i know better than to think
that it shouldn't be wasted on me