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Relentless Eventful II

by Petriform

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SHURICOON Relentless Eventful is likely my favorite Petriform album, so I'm pleased to hear a follow up. However, I wish it were more true to the instrumental nature of the original. I've grown weary of the vocals used in more recent albums. Nevertheless, I support Petriform and look forward to hearing where he goes next. Favorite track: Sunset FM.
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one hand outstretched parts the brush aside calloused and distressed these scars won't heal in time treading one gait that slows a little more up 'til this day fatigue has taken score face down, lying where terra firma turns to shore hollow crying no tears are left in store but in the radiance of the sunlight this is paradise, isn't it? pity i made it here without you
i don't want to stand back i want all the best that i can get i don't need to backtrack i will be the best that you've seen yet never upset like a champion double your bets what could happen breaking the scale that's the baseline what this entails writes a brand new line way down to the heart way down there i don't want to settle i want to be first in line from here i don't need to meddle i know that i've got nothing to fear here at the top none unsettles give me your best test your mettle come on and show me your spirit and when we clash worlds will hear it crash way down to the heart way down there
i'm sorry that i've been so caught up in my head and i didn't mean to let things get the way they did but all of my time's spent trying to make some headway through our terrible descent, give me please some leeway i'm figuring it out and i don't need to hear this from you now when i'm in doubt i can't manage to free my mind of you i don't know what to do are these lies or do you tell the truth there's not much that i feel i can even prove so nice to see you can't shake the disappointment every time we speak and i'm not about to give the closure that you seek too much of my time spent picking up the pieces just so that i might prevent having to believe this i'm figuring myself out, not that i've been perfect, but i'm traveling the high route at least by comparison i don't know what to do endless sidesteps, can't you tell the truth? there's not much that i feel that i need to prove so nice to see you
Sunset FM 04:07
itching to turn a corner again but from where i sit there are none fewer hoops to jump through back then before i found myself undone and i left the gloves to another time but it never quite felt right now i admit i'm unsatisfied moving in the candlelight feeling unworthy and taciturn for what my senses now endure maybe i'm not ready to return but damn it, i must know for sure 'cause i left an unfinished legacy plain for anyone to see and i will put up all of the risk if just to recapture this
tell me why is it that i only feel alive when i'm driving down the empty streets at night top shelf remedy here, my ailments may subside you know more than you let on, don't be surprised this is better for me, i think you realize what else would you have me do now otherwise there is a route that i take quite often and i don't have any intention of stopping windows fall down and we feel temps dropping that is, myself and what i took off in and as the raindrops start to touch down my skin crawls at the cool touch of gods above lending me some icy mercy condensated in dense fog throughout repaid doubts tell me why is it that this has to be the case every effort i put forward's laid to waste what good is any of this? i'll see it all erased while l drive this damn econobox to space we're stuck in the reaches of lucid dreams undone that we might see through at least one with petal to metal i hope to achieve that which most won't fulfill i might still
Burning Up 03:37
once we lose ourselves to sleep shall everything melt on in waves edges unto circles creep your re-entry here awaits you're burning up and i can't save you now
Precision 04:00
Alive + Well 04:20
alive and well we are despite it all
Reartifactor 04:34
from their hands to your hands to mine a sight to behold forever my palms itch, it's nothing let me look a little closer can you hear it? it's speaking to me and my fingertips sting it says it wants to show me the world
i've been having trouble sleeping occupied with old mistakes screen's on blue light long past midnight wondering just how long it takes the things that go off in my self-talk about myself aren't fit to say what's a future for this loser be it soon but far away spending hours losing hours this routine has overstayed what if someone told you it could be just that much better tomorrow would you believe it would you believe in tomorrow what if someone told you take your time when there's no time like the present would you believe it in the morning finally waking pick a beer can off the floor set myself up to repeat thus i'm not learning anymore still-life subject keeping abject it's the same thing every day still returning while i'm hurting i'll still do it anyway always been so let each window close behind me, i'm astray yeah, i'm astray what if someone told you you're already on time that you had borrowed i guess you could
Embody Hope 04:38
you're dealing with a memory of things you're never meant to see the comfort's complimentary, you knew that already an abject sense of fantasy at redlining capacity been made to feel the suffering they're hurting you badly the best of all your qualities they broke down into modesty the nerve to call it humbling we know it to be deadly how unendingly cruel to be discarded in hypocrisy until there's nothing left of us but hope to embody


i wanted to release this in 2014, and i thought i could. i couldn't. but now i can.

it isn't fair to say that my life has been disappointingly uneventful and woefully relenting in the ten years since i released "relentless eventful." a lot of really cool shit has happened, and a lot of terrible horseshit has happened, too. i'm a better producer in 2022 than i was in 2012, but not ten years better - and i've been having kind of a hard time with that. well, hey; that's on me. whatever. i made the choices i did for a reason. but i waded through the shitshow of the past ten years with it in the back of my mind that i needed to, eventually, follow "relentless eventful" up bigger and better. hmm. well, it's not the hour-long epic that its predecessor was (it's close!), but the only thing that matters to me now is that i've followed it up at all. i look forward to releasing something in the future for which the latter part of that last sentence doesn't apply.

things were different when i released "relentless eventful" in 2012. i'd yet to play my first show as petriform (that'd come a little under a year later). when i started performing as petriform, songs from "relentless eventful" were naturally in heavy rotation - i loved playing "petrol lounge" and "what it wouldn't take" in particular. but the chiptunes i performed starting getting more attention, and i ended up leaning into that almost exclusively. fine by me - i've learned that i'm a better songwriter than a producer, and working within the confines of chiptune has allowed me to blossom as a songwriter independently of my skills as a producer, which i've neglected, for better or worse. in the meantime, tons of my peers have stuck with it and achieved the kinds of milestones that i got into making music to achieve but which still elude me. make no mistake - i'm glad as hell to see people succeed, i cherish my own unique accomplishments, grass is greener, comparison is the thief of joy, etc... but i can't help but wonder what, if anything, would have been different if i'd done This instead of That and so on and so forth.

given that it took me a decade to weave this all together as opposed to the two-year gap between "exposition" (2010) and the original "relentless eventful" (2012), it's fairly safe to say that i will probably not be releasing anything like this again for a long time. younger me would be aghast; this was more or less all he had. present me has a bit more going on, thankfully. please appreciate this for what it is presently (be kind to those first few songs - they're almost a decade old!), and what it is in relation to its predecessors, because it really could be that there's not very much more of it in me for A While™.

more than anything, shouts out if you were around for the original "relentless eventful" and are still around for the follow-up. i see you and appreciate you. your support is why i still do this. here's to whatever comes next - i have an idea or two...


approximate years of primary composition:

Lush (both parts) - 2014
So Nice to See You - 2014
Sunset FM - 2013
Mobius Checker - 2017
The Econoboxer - 2017
Burning Up - 2020
Garbage Kings New Requiem - 2017
Precision - 2017
Alive + Well - 2020
Reartifactor - 2020
Would You Believe - 2017
Embody Hope - 2019


released September 1, 2022

composition, arrangement, production, poorly-intonated guitar, etc. by petriform


all rights reserved




Across California and beyond, Petriform has brought energetic NES chipmusic to the table for years. Get ready for a chipstyle experience drawn unapologetically from the realms of bubblegum pop, VGM, prog metal, third-wave ska, happy hardcore, turn-of-the-millenium pop punk, and more. ... more

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