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.​.​.​especially any of this

by Petriform

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i don't suppose i can talk you out you've shown your hand you're messing with the rich and their money you understand? and i don't know how you plan to pull it off and i don't care but promise when you're done you'll get the hell outta there don't you leave me lingering in doubt you've got me fretting i've seen enough magic-hat-pulled bunnies to fear where this is heading and i don't know why you're so keen to take the risk and i don't care so long as when you're done you get the hell outta there
ascending in the darkness into the clouds we thrust removal from the surface the power you can harness the prowess one can trust do we really deserve this the world below, it spins round as if detached from earth it makes a person nervous and everyone who's skybound having built up the nerve in deference to your purpose all alone way up high doing what must be done on your own in these skies battles can still be won the rain streaks tell their stories and stories spread around to never be outnumbered but all that's in its glory across the glistening sound can be seen unencumbered for who should hear the calling the one to make it so the one we can believe in to never speak of falling wherever you should go where heights can be deceiving what's it like to look down hoping nothing's broken at the heart of this town gratitude unspoken painter of translucent clarity every swipe another dream made clear for the next to see the next to see way up high
I Got Dreams 03:06
i got a compact car and a tank full of gas it can't go real far but that's all right, it runs on got dreams i got dreams i'm taking 101 down to 198 i'm losing cell service and it feels great cause i got dreams i got dreams i got dreams the kind that keep my sky blue the kind that help me push through all that which leaves me confused the kind that make me feel bright to make sure that i stay right and keep my wishes in sight while i can still hold on tight i spent my christmas eve going down to the beach i said why not when the weather's hitting 73; i got dreams i got dreams i got a moist towelette of a uni degree i quit my dead end job to see pro wrestling; i got dreams i got dreams i got dreams the kind that i can add to just as if i could re-do the time that i have misused the kind for which i still fight to keep out of direct light so that they may not ignite while i can still hold on tight hope i can still hold on tight i got a half-done song and a good melody i hope it don't take long just to finish cause i got dreams i got not much else of anything stuck inside all of the day burn rubber just to get away wear and tear, 87 octane hard to justify with my pay all my friends work different shifts alienated out of my own midst more to life than minimum wage being on call 24 hours a day i got dreams the kind that keep my head up for when my psyche's fed up and i feel i might shred up the kind that keep me airtight on all throughout the long night to keep my wishes in sight while i can still hold on tight
petaluma phil's got a lot of shoes to fill petaluma phil keeps his options open petaluma phil's got some IPAs to swill petaluma phil wants to move to oakland petaluma phil, petaluma phil's got a mind to relive his thirties petaluma phil's got another night or two to for things to get less murky petaluma phil learned to read on channel F when it said "you lose turkey" petaluma phil, petaluma phil wendy watsonville feeling rather unfulfilled wendy watsonville's getting sick of santa cruz wendy watsonville's now has lots of time to kill wendy watsonville hadn't really heard the news wendy watsonville, wendy watsonville is running out of effort to spend wendy watsonville can't keep doing the mystery spot to bring her out-of-town friends wendy watsonville really has a lot invested here she can't just upend wendy watsonville, wendy watsonville morro bay mcgill's looking for a greater thrill morro bay mcgill hardly stops to say hello morro bay mcgill's sharpening his chosen skills so morro bay mcgill can get out of SLO morro bay mcgill's willing to forego the beach if it'll get him somewhere morro bay mcgill's nonetheless enthused to see them rip those smokestacks outta there morro bay mcgill, morro bay mcgill is packing up to convene elsewhere with wendy watsonville and petaluma phil they'll do just what they will
i've been to rich people's houses and they've all got rockers for their lightswitches where i come from, yeah it's toggles or nothing; i'm tired of your bougie shit if you've got rockers in your house sell off your third vacation home if you've got toggles in your house we take that loko to the dome if you've got toggles in your house we're ready to take to the streets if you've got rockers in your house to make you think twice about REITs if you've got rockers in your house you might say hey now, when in rome if you've got toggles in your house you know damn well we won't see rome if you've got toggles in your house we ain't ever going nowhere if you've got rockers in your house i hope you 💩 your underwear
far gone few and between vacation i lean my seat this far back burn the worries right on off oh no i've made a grievous error i left the rice cooker on now i'm waiting on disaster never can i find the time and now i'm paying the price so far in my damage assessment it seems pretty manageable thank goodness for at least that but now in light of my transgressions will all of my appliances all turn heel and oppose me i guess i can't lay the blame i'm so forgetful, pity me behold refrigerator knows all the holy internet of things may i please ask for your wi-fi what the i'm fine just pressing buttons and opening and closing doors no more push notifications might i be behind the times? the times feel behind me
in ten thousand days, still i can't convey the injustice that befell you you were getting back, you were right on track and it still faded out from view i don't think there's a point worth making to ask how it ended up askew cause no one plans to be cut off a third of the way through in the distant past, come and gone so fast in a way, you were made to change having been recast, now you'd must outlast an albatross callously arranged with all hopes for the best considered most expected you were rigged to lose but no one thought you'd be cut off a third of the way through but the world goes and forgets time erodes the thought of you seems your memory falls on me we can't fix all our mistakes not for lack of trying to fortunes come unguaranteed you did what you could, it was what you should you endeavored to keep your vow and it's so unfair i have to declare this the only way i know how there's a semblance that you had failed what an unjustifiable view cause who could plan to be cut off a third of the way through but the world turns and forgets time erodes the thought of you still your memory falls on me i can't fix all my mistakes even if i wanted to there is no such guarantee you gave your best got that much closer but now it's over you weren't finished, far from it how could they think they've the right to cut you off the way they did? that betrayal none will admit show is over, cut the lights what a life you should have lived


a companion piece and five-year celebration for 2018's "nothing is for sure," comprised of songs that were (varyingly) near(ish) completion but ultimately cut from consideration for that album.

i've released cut-content companion pieces to albums before (relentless eventful, florence), but none of my project files can rival the sheer amount of viable-but-ultimately-unused content i wrote for "nothing is for sure," and i'm not sure any ever will. there's almost a whole additional album in there!

that said, these were all cut for one reason or another. forgive me if i lean into silliness in brushing them up for general release! after "florence," please allow me the reprieve of shifting into silly mode for just a moment. thanks!

please enjoy this celebration and look forward to my next full-length chiptune release, the true spiritual follow-up to my lineage of pop-punk chiptunes that includes "nothing is for sure" and was last addressed with "dither beach." enjoy!

reasons for exclusion:

- Barkshoy Muckfoney: didn't fit what the rest of the album became, and didn't fit any other album i could have put it on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- Ballad of the Space Needle Window Washer: didn't write enough of it. which sucks because it was always good imo
- Interlude A (Feather Falling): didn't write enough of it
- I Got Dreams: didn't write enough of it
- Goldened States: felt (feels?) derivative. rhyming names sucks. who the FUCK is morro bay mcgill. i feel like the zoobe bunny
- Interlude B (Rocker vs. Toggle): didn't write enough of it. also it's a shitpost arguably only funny in north america. europe friends are you mad at me 🥺
- I Left the Rice Cooker On: too similar to "albacore song," which is better
- Third of the Way: this one was SO close to making it on the album. SO close. it just didn't.


released June 30, 2023


all rights reserved




Across California and beyond, Petriform has brought energetic NES chipmusic to the table for years. Get ready for a chipstyle experience drawn unapologetically from the realms of bubblegum pop, VGM, prog metal, third-wave ska, happy hardcore, turn-of-the-millenium pop punk, and more. ... more

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