Bolinas Ride

from by Petriform



lots of grey in the sky today
it might rain but that washes trepidation away
withhold your regards and let come what may
not a pain in the world survives the edge of the bay, so

hop in the car we'll arrive
cruisin' with you by my side
no time to watch the tide
let's have a wonderful ride

lots of grey in the seafoam
it's oddly familiar but still foreign to your comfort zone
tonight it's our very own four-million-dollar home
this is the kind of life we never will have known, so

you can leave all your fears behind
if you can afford it
enamored by the coastal brine
you'd better watch yourself

out from the city we've shied
now comes the time to confide
in what we can set aside
let's have a wonderful ride

lots of grey in the asphalt too
like the edges of the stop signs that we're running through
and the last laugh will be had by the overdue
that much i know is true

why be so brazenly inclined
when you can afford it
what happened to your time to shine
you'd better watch yourself


from Brown Plaid, released December 28, 2013





From San Jose, CA, Petriform drinks too many energy drinks and distills the resulting power into alternatingly high-and-low- energy electronic jams, lighting up shows around California and beyond by mixing and matching shades of NES chiptunes, pop punk, drum & bass, synthpop, and happy hardcore. ... more

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