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nothing is for sure

by Petriform

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ndcoten intense chiptune punk action Favorite track: killian is lying to you.
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makotots I've been a large fan of this album! It's amazing for late-night cram sessions and as a quick pump of energy! Favorite track: k7 (k9 - k2).
MPG Music
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MPG Music Found out about Petriform way too late but hey, better late than never. Every single track is worth every single penny. So much chip-pop-punk goodness! Favorite track: gone without.
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Zemaddog Easily my favourite album of 2018. I love every single song. This album is criminally underrated. Favorite track: wilson phillips screwdriver.
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FLu Have been listening in repeat while coding. Lots of positive and uplifting energy, our whole family likes it! Favorite track: dodgeball.
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seems like each day you've gotta fight to keep your well being in sight last time i checked that was a human right but deeper pockets find a way to spite go off, it's sure all right by me it's okay to be so angry after all you've got the right to be it takes a certain kind of misery to believe some shit they push on tv they'll work you straight to your deathbed by holding health above your head when your survival puts you in the red it's either push back or be torn to shreds i wrote this in 2016 i change the lyrics constantly because it's gotten so much worse, you see and you're barking up a different tree if you believe that this is how it should be you never were inclined to quit no, not even one little bit so don't you dare submit
i've got a bit of a fuse looking for just the right spark let's take a bit of a cruise outside the woods after dark ashes to ashes and dust to the gods reincarnate my soul tales of phoenixes and lightning rods please light me up like a firework i want to feel what it's like to burn ignite my essence, watch it glow drawn like a moth to a flame 'cept for the part with the moth there's no direction or aim i think i'm cut from that cloth will my light ever go out i don't know seems it's inevitable i'm in the moment, sit down for the show i need to feel what it's like to burn don't shut your eyes when i explode
dodgeball 04:09
the rules have been well codified when you get hit, you meet your fate you faced me from the other side by then i knew it was too late off and on it is the nature of the beast while you're gone the game, you hope that it will cease not for long because this kind of thing will soon pass, at least advance and wear your scream on the edge of your sleeve 'cuz it makes perfect sense to me no matter how adverse it seems i'm glad you're on my team ready for another round as if we really had a choice see the crimson orb unwound pray that it misses and rejoice with finesse you'll live to see another day be at rest when you have firmly staked your claim though recessed your fighting spirit pushes you all the way you'll never feel complete until you take the lead
everyone's got their path in this world, now why are we still on the hook to explain how things have changed, there's no more living up to expectations every well-meaning tip's got you nonplussed their words are sweet, but they can't really grasp just how much of our lives are spent in quiet desperation it's not as easy anymore and sitting back is such a bore to change the score you gotta look for all the answers but answers are hardly ever there they disappeared out of thin air a lot to bear when you're just trying to hold on but we can shape the future and make it better hard to move, everything is so rigid and yet we're told to empathize with the frigid ones who hold us in contempt for what's inflicted on us can't imagine we'll get them to relent when not a single soul our age can even pay rent but i think we'll right the course if we take it upon us we've got a lot of things to say but at the end of every day there's little change you'd not be blamed for being discouraged too many things are just unfair hyperaware of disrepair in our affairs we take the dare to power on
k7 (k9 - k2) 02:38
it can't wait for another time you gotta start that big ol' climb and now i write another verse, another rhyme you best not push yourself too far but that's just part of what you are you don't know what it's like to fail to raise the bar a burning hope you can't outgrow away you go to parts unknown
gone without 03:50
when the sun goes down watch me prepare for the journey when the stars come out turning the engine and then i'm on this route liable to change anytime i feel like i have gone without i can feel you breathing rolling down the windows so i know i'm not alone just to chase a feeling this is all i've got that i can truly call my own when it's dark it's easier for you to pretend that you're elsewhere in the desert, plains, or in the snow time will slow down, and in essence, help you feel like you can get there though it can feel like you're on your own it makes me feel lately like i have suffered greatly remake me to wake me this feeling will not shake me now faced with what i'm dealing taking every corner from the corners of my eyes winding roads revealing nothing and yet everything i'm scared to recognize only wanna face the music if it's coming out the radio never claimed i wasn't insecure this is where i feel at home, this is how i keep up the ratio gotta have a way of making sure like i can do it gracefully i'll follow my heart faithfully now stare at the sky 'cause i'm waiting 'til the stars come out there ain't no stopping me when i'm on this route feels like i've gone without but i'll never go without
you say it's better when you're on your own you play the victim when you're not at home what do you even gain from lying to yourself nobody wants to see you hurt and put back on the shelf we know in your heart you've got the ability you owe it to yourself to take responsibility you can't escape by living way too fast you'll have momentum but it will not last you'd better pace yourself before it catches up before you know you're in too deep, the world has had enough it'll only get worse the more that you delay don't let yourself trip up and go all in on the charade it gets a little tougher every day but in the long haul it won't stay that way we've all got problems that we know are ours to own don't sweat it, keep your mindset in the zone you don't gain anything from lying to yourself reclaim that energy, it's worth a lot in of itself again, don't sweat it, keep your mindset in the zone the pace you keep ensures you're not alone
shushup!! 01:58
i'm gonna tell you a story i say that now but note that i won't really the next verse won't make any sense, believe me look fast you might not notice my anxiety behold the greatest mystery can i apply my lemon pepper carefree i gotta do that to the delicacy how else am i supposed to get my mercury i'm gonna take you all to town or maybe not, my problem's worse than it sounds i'm gonna have another nervous breakdown i guess i'll spend my whole life spinning round and round
what do you wanna do to make the world just a bit better what do you wanna say that they may so fondly remember when you're gone like a memory that photographs can't convey if i were there right in the thick of it then this what i'd say don't give up you know that nothing's for sure no don't give up don't have to tell the future to be ahead of your time what do you wanna see in the reflections of who you are what do you wanna be to those who look on you from afar 'cause you're gone a century ago disgraced, you walked off the stage it wasn't you they know better now and this is what they'd say roses are red violets are blue turn on the fan send out a plume they made their minds doomed you to fail but in good time you will prevail i don't want you to give up you know that nothing is for sure don't have to fit into the constraints of reason and rhyme i know that you can endure
i stepped outside one day a place i'd never been before i thought i'd not be swayed of course, you rocked me to my core we always had a blast i know you would agree although the time has passed i wish there was a way you could see just what it meant to me until then i can say i don't wanna see this made the end and i pray wish on a star you'll stay my friend i find myself adrift along an ever-changing tide you handed me a gift with both arms right there by your side i didn't understand the things you often thought to do i'm in the camper van and i'll admit that i am scared stiff of what will happen if there's not another way far away wish on a star you'll stay my friend on this day wish on a star you'll stay my friend
punch buggy slug bug fresh coffee in the mug spilled on the damn rug of my integra don't have to make sense that's why i wrote this just had a near miss none of your business i think i'm doing fine for ways to spend my time like how there's discount candy the day after valentine's breathing is tragic studio magic wanna play this song live don't know how to manage it so when i'm on stage scarborough fair page rosemary, parsley, thyme and, uh sage got to remember this i'm on the waiting list for top-level domains if i don't get then i'll be pissed i did it all for you not because i wanted returns but 'cause i wanted to pay forward the kindness from my trials i did my best for you and i hope it made a difference so when we think of each other we can ride that thought for miles punch buggy slug bug mixed drink gotta chug paste the emoji shrug get a new spark plug heat up the kettle never gonna settle regressions in gretl pedal to the metal i gotta have it all i'm stuck in avenal wearing my sweater vest what the hell, it's not even fall back on the bolt bus sign says bowl of dust congress created making a big fuss interstate highway driving late friday traffic in all lanes fucking up my day no parking brake applied truck simulator ride i took my frieght from carson city straight to riverside


download includes instrumentals for all tracks that originally appear with vocals, as well as radio-friendly edits of "killian is lying to you" and "punch buggy slug bug"

written in famitracker between late 2016 and early 2018, "nothing is for sure" is a victory lap for a victory that, as far as can be reasonably assured, hasn't really happened yet. it is the follow-up to 2016's "don't worry, you're great!" in terms of musical content, if not particularly thematic content.

this is a start-to-finish nonstop blitz of genuine californian pop punk chiptune sound.

content warning: brief mentions of death, anxiety, metaphorical self-harm. some crude language in tracks 1 and 12 (profanity-free edits included in download)


released June 19, 2018

all tracks composed, arranged, produced, and performed by petriform


all rights reserved




Across California and beyond, Petriform has brought energetic NES chipmusic to the table for years. Get ready for a chipstyle experience drawn unapologetically from the realms of bubblegum pop, VGM, prog metal, third-wave ska, happy hardcore, turn-of-the-millenium pop punk, and more. ... more

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